Stofix Factory, Poland

The growing international interest and the demand for the Stofix brick slip system supported the decision to open a new factory. Previously the factory Oulainen, in Finland, produced all the elements of the Stofix façade.

“Our product has convinced the researchers, the architects as well as the designers. Three years ago we set our goal to the international market and the reception has been great. The interest and demand has grown heavily and the new factory is an answer to that demand”, says the CEO Samuli Tiirola.

The new factory centralizes the manufacturing for Central Europe, UK and rest of the world

The new Stofix factory in Komorniki, Poland, centralizes the manufacturing for Central Europe, UK and rest of the world. The Oulainen factory in Finland continues manufacturing for Northern Europe.

“We started to hire new staff in January. The team leaders were trained in the Oulainen factory. It is a big part of our training strategy. This way we can ensure that the expertise we have in Stofix moves on to Poland as well. Stofix Poland employs 17 people at the moment and we are expecting to employ up to 20 people by the end of the year”, says the Factory Manager Teemu Pienihäkkinen.

The first production line was installeTeam Stofix Poland and The First Prototyped with the lead of Petri Lastikka, Director of Manufacturing Methods. Underhis guidance the factory workers were trained to produce quality cladding and at the same time grow the production.

“The first element was made in May and on the 20th of July we started to ship the elements and brick slip system. The concentration is on quality cladding and reliability on delivery”, Pienihäkkinen states.

Stofix Poland Factory